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The Family Chef

The Family Chef

About Jewels And Jill

jnj_aboutJnJJewels and Jill Elmore grew up cooking and eating in their large family’s Mexican-American kitchen. They began their culinary careers together catering for Hollywood parties, premiers and the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball. But it didn’t take them long to find their way back to their favorite place to cook, the family kitchen, where they eventually learned to prepare foods from all over the world. As Family Chefs they have spent most of their time cooking in the homes of Jennifer Aniston, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, and many other celebrities. They believe that connecting with the people they cook for produces the most extraordinary meals and experiences around the table. Just as it did when they were kids, the connection they share with each other, as sisters, colors everything they do and every meal they make. Their favorite way to cook is still side by side. Today, Jewels and Jill live close to each other in Santa Monica with their husbands and young sons. 

sistersWe are sisters and we are inseparable.

As little girls we always wanted to be together. This may have something do to with the fact that whenever we had a disagreement, our mother would send us to our room together—and we had to stay there until we worked it out. If we asked our mother’s permission to go somewhere, she would say, “You can go if you take your sister.” We shared clothes, friends and makeup. When my mom told us we were getting a little brother, we agreed to share him, too.
     All these years later we are still sharing life experiences and taking each other everywhere we go.
     We have been there for each other as roommates, bridesmaids and birthing coaches. Our sons (we each have one) were born six months apart. We live five minutes from each other and our husbands feel like they married two people! So when it came to choosing a profession, it made perfect sense to do something together. Since we both felt comfortable and happy cooking, we became chefs!