Jewles’ celery soup

Jewels’ version - Jill's version

Jewels Says  •  Cool, cleansing celery soup....This is my favorite cold soup because it’s satisfying and slimming. I dreamed it up when I needed something that sticks to your ribs, but processes easily through the body to help Jill and I execute our ongoing feel-good-in-a-bikini plan. I am a huge fan of the benefits of parsley so, at the end, I use tons to add vitamins and beautiful color.

serves 6-8

1 onion, cut in medium pieces
1 leek, whites only (optional)
½ fennel bulb (optional, but I think fennel makes this soup deliciously unusual; I use fennel almost every day in something)
6 cups (1 1/2 boxes) chicken stock
1 potato, cut into medium pieces (You can also use cooked white beans or even rice!)
12 stalks of celery, cut in medium chunks   
1 bunch italian flat leaf parsley
2 handfuls of frozen peas
a pinch of nutmeg, cayenne and/or white pepper
salt to taste

This soup can be served hot or cold. If cold, prepare a refrigerated bowl or fill a pot with ice water to strain the soup into; this helps to cool the soup quickly and retain its beautiful bright green color.

  1. Heat a dry pan on stove top. Once warm, add a splash of olive oil or butter and throw in the onions, leeks and fennel. Stir to release flavor. Do not brown.
  2. Quickly add chicken stock and potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until potatoes are tender.
  3. Add celery and cover. Cook just until tender.
  4. If serving cold, fill a large bowl with ice and rest another empty bowl on top of ice.
  5. In about two batches, put the soup in the blender. Add a handful of parsley and a handful of peas to each. Blend well.
  6. If serving cold, pour pureed soup through a fine mesh strainer into the bowl resting on the ice. Push through quickly so it can cool!
  7. If serving hot, strain the pureed soup through a fine mesh strainer into a pot and reheat until warmed through.
  8. Adjust the salt and season with a pinch of nutmeg, cayenne pepper and/or white pepper. Enjoy!

Jewels’ smart idea
Add red quinoa for protein to make a complete meal which adds great texture, especially when served cold! When cold, we’ve also discovered we can actually drink this soup for a meal on the run. Jewels’ client loves to sip this throughout the day to satisfy her appetite. We also think it’s chic with a little bit of white truffle oil on top and chives.

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